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At TW we want you to share and experience our wines with people that you love and be confident in the quality of our product to avoid embarrassment.

We are strong ambassadors for our products and can assure you when they leave our hands that they will not disappoint. In some exceptional cases, returns may be necessary. These include damaged or broken bottles during transit, not receiving your parcel due to it being lost in transit and heat damage due to environmental conditions during transit.

Taste is subjective. Some people may love the taste of a certain variety, while others may dislike it. At TW we love all wine varieties and believe a good wine can be made of each. Through this, and because people are different we realise that our wines may not be to some people's palate. This however in our view, does not qualify as a return simply because you did not like the taste.

We really do aim for you to have a positive experience and will do anything in our power to leave you satisfied.

If you have had any of the above issues and would like to discuss a return, please let us know via the contact page and we will strive to get back to you as soon as possible.




Proceed through to PayPal and there is a section to enter your credit and debit card details if you do not have a PayPal account.


Send us an email via the contact page with your order if you're not comfortable using online payments. We will send one back confirming your order, delivery address, and our payment details for direct bank transfer. Once the transfer is completed, we will release the order. 



At TW we want you to trust us with how we use, store, and protect your personal information. We use third-party banking to verify payment to protect your banking details over Paypal or credit/debit card. We can also take payments via direct bank transfer if you're not comfortable with online payments. Your orders and address details are private and protected. They will never be passed onto other websites/businesses. We offer plain packaging upon request. 


We know our wines would be stunning in any setting from bottle shops, restaurants to bars and private functions.

If you are interested in stocking any of our products, please contact us at:

We'd love a chat to see how our wines could consolidate and improve your business.

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