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Coffee Likka Twin Pack 2x700mL
  • Coffee Likka Twin Pack 2x700mL



    COFFEE LIKKA is crafted with hand foraged and sustainable Australian Native Flora. These evoking flavours finesse the palate, infusing malted and roasted coastal Whipstick Wattleseed, Myrtles of Cinnamon, Aniseed and Lemon for a uniquely Australian ambiance.  Blended Brazillian, Colombian and Indian beans are ethically sourced and small-batch roasted here in South Australia at Presstwood Coffee Roasters.


    Enjoy this simply over ice, in an espresso martini or over ice cream as an Affogato.

    Made in the Adelaide Hills and delivered straight to your door.

      $90.00 Regular Price
      $70.00Sale Price
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